Law of the Universe: Entropy

“Entropy” is gorgeously illusive word.

It’s safe to say that the majority 
and even the minorities
don’t understand what it means — yet.

It contributes to the direction 
of not only our
individual lives, 
but in all things 
moving through space.

Physics and Chemistry are highly, 
highly, HIGHLY complicated. 
I’ve studied and been fascinated by them since 
my grandfather, Norman, 
would talk about their laws 
on our way to get 
strawberry sodas after middle school.

My greatest wish in life was 
(and still is) 
to have a sliver 
of the genius he did.


The basic law of entropy 
kind of means 
that the further in time something gets, 
the more chaotic and 
away from it’s natural state it becomes. 
It’s literally the measure
of disorder.

A balloon bursts. 
Water boils.
Volcanoes erupt. 
Waves crash.


It’s important to note that I said law — 
as in, it’s proven to be not only a fact, 
but a rule by which our entire universe obeys. 
As tiny specks in the cosmos, 
we are in no means 
an exception 
to this law. 

It is also probably 
important to know that it’s a measurement 
of thermal energy. 
Again, as part of a functioning solar system, 
human people 
are included 
in this.

And finally, for my last point, 
this mathematical 
measurement illuminates a grand mystery 
that is the 
also known as 
our everyday lives.


We climb and build and paint and 
perfect lives that by law, 
are becoming more and 
more disorganized 
with each

Plan this week all you’d like but — 
It still doesn’t change the fact that 
since the beginning of time
We are accelerating further 
away from the perfect existence 
created in the illusive beginning.

We are held together by 
particles just being discovered
by the regeneration of
order into chaos.

Today I anticipated filling my cup 
but instead, it lays on the floor
in shattered glass.


It’s important to set goals — 
but how much more relevant 
is it to embrace the gravity
of your existence.

If the laws of thermodynamics 
and physics and chemistry and entropy
apply to the pulling of our sun 
away from other galaxies, 
then what business have I to believe 
I will ever create order.

Why long for a life with
statistical odds against it. 
What is the purpose
of the dreams and
longings of our hearts.

Yet, as great as we seek 
the deepest oceans of 
answers to these questions — 
We find rest on the walls
of the light in whom’s 
speed we travel upon
in a universe with only a 
four percent 

To which I selfishly ask:

Is love
than law.