alone in the sun.

I haven't spoken much of my time in San Diego. 

If I have, I've been pretty vague. 

My time there feels sacred….like I caught my first breath of life from the sea. 

I spent most of my time journalling and observing….and came up with some ah-tiffanies to put into practice now that I'm back to real life:


Coronado Island

Unplug….make time to get inside my own brain. This includes books, podcasts, and even the new incredible JT album.


Stop being afraid….of everything. Okay….be afraid, but at least face it.


It's okay to run my schedule around whats natural for me. I'm much better for others AFTER I have taken care of myself. If I constantly please everyone else first, the only thing left is maybe a few hours of sleep.

Make a goal every day to go out into the world: well-rested, well-caffinated, and confident. 


I walked everywhere….which surprisingly made me feel lazy. Everyone else was running, biking, and even roller blading (especially the middle aged moms….) to their destinations. My car is awesome, but there is something about simply walking to where you're going. 

Barefoot surfer running down Pacific Beach Dr // Black coffee & Capt. Crunch French Toast at Woody's on PB Boardwalk

 I am best at being me when I'm relaxed.

Case in point: a cute train conductor from New York named Vinnie came up to me at breakfast.

Normally, I would feel anxious and annoyed…but I had an incredible ten minutes of pure banter and fun with him before he had to catch his plane. He said it was a highlight of his trip, and wished he had met me earlier that week.

THAT is the kind of impression I want to always be capable of leaving on someone.


Surfing has so many great analogies….but I'd rather watch. The first challenge is getting behind the waves. Everyone puts precedence on riding them, but I don't think many people ever get to experience that. Even if you do ride waves, it's usually for an average of 2-3 seconds. The entire experience, not just one great wave, is reason to pick yourself up and go out day after day. Don't get swept up to shore just because the last wave seems impossible to get behind….that's the most difficult, but most rewarding. 

Behind the waves; observing surfers from the Pacific Beach Pier

When someone honks at you, throw a peace sign out your window. 

Don't rush from one thing to the next….look around instead of always looking forward. 

Play a harmonica down the street. 

I LOVE drinking terrible coffee in an incredible atmosphere. 

Clayton's on Coronado Island...incredibly crappy coffee served in a mug that reminds me of Grandpa Bob.

(pre-coffee photo, obvi)

Find experiences that leave your ears ringing; stand on top of the world….and own it. 

Empower people to grow naturally…without needing me to constantly tend them. Know when to let go and let people walk alone.

One of my longest living friends, Trey Hester, on top of La Jolla Cove

Commit to something. New is not always good. Evolution? Yes....but,

Be okay with something being part of your story instead of just a chapter. 

Even when I'm not travelling, bartenders are usually my best friends. Be ESPECIALLY nice to the guys at Craft & Commerce....You just might get a "We Love You!" discount to rock your weary soul.

The only drink that could make me smile -- a neat, and very direct, improved whiskey cocktail from Craft & Commerce // L'Mamma & P'Daddie (Lacey & Patrick Dodd) in love at the incredible Polite Provisions.

Looking forward to finding a man that is as crazy about me as p'daddie is for l'mamma.

I'm definitely willing to wait for that. 


I discovered that I've always been afraid to move near the ocean for fear of a hurricane ripping my house apart. Seriously...says the girl who grew up in tornado alley.

I want live without fear of the possiblilty of a storm.   

// /

   And FINALLY, what I learned five days after getting back from my Dallas Dad (Poppi B. Thomas):

"scheduling, boundaries, and self-maintenance are key to being happy and successful in all aspects of life."

// //

I don't have it figured out…not even close. But, that in and of itself is comforting. Nothing I've said is significantly new or innovative, but it is mine. 

Now that I am a quarter of a century old, it's about time I move past self-actualization and onto the beyond…incredible friends, a dream job, and car payment in hand.  

Seals hanging out with pigeons on La Jolla Beach