the life of a mystery

the best part of falling in love with a person or a thing is almost always the dark before the dawn. 

...the moment before the match is struck, when all parts are in tact and untouched.


when thrill envelopes you, and leaves you awake at night. the pain in your chest from being too happy too quickly. 

...and the moment happens. 

what happens then happens to the suspense. where does it have to go.

if you reveal it too soon, do you keep it alive.

if you found it in it’s own time, and cared for it. would it still disappear.

how do you keep something alive with all it’s mystery out on the curb for all the neighbors to see. 

if nothing stands between you and your prize any longer, will anything remain.

is there room to move forward, or is revealing a mystery just discovering a wall.