Photo by  Doug Klembara

Tiffany McAnarneyโ€™s immense curiosity is the driving force behind her truly unique artistic style, which thematically explores the concepts of humanity, the divine, space & time, gravityโ€ฆ even quantum physics.

Raised deep in the Bible belt in a relatively sheltered Southern Baptist home, Tiffany discovered new realms of thought and imagination living with her Buddhist grandparents for a few formative years during her adolescence.

Extremely open-minded, her grandparents encouraged her to never accept anything at face value. Thus was born her fascination with all things invisible and unknowable. Because she is mentally more inclined toward math and science, Tiffanyโ€™s artwork is calculated and helps her explore and better understand the complexities of the universe.

Often, she says, her paintings are physical manifestations of conversations she has with herself. The universe may be ruled by what we cannot see, but Tiffany never stops observing and considering the possibilities.

Tiffany graduated in 2010 from Oklahoma State University with a BFA in studio art with an emphasis in watercolor and graphite. Unsurprisingly, she elected to focus on watercolor because it is perhaps the most difficult medium to learn, and if she could master watercolors, everything else would be that much easier to pick up.

Not only does Tiffany paint in a challenging medium, but she does so in a way that forces her to sacrifice controlโ€ฆ because this allows her work to more accurately reflect both the frailty and resiliency of human life. Because she likes to think on a quantum level, Tiffany breathes the notion โ€œnothing is impossibleโ€ into each of her paintings by using techniques that defy gravity and mixing mediums (primarily watercolor and acrylic) that are traditionally relegated to opposing sides of less adventurous artistsโ€™ universe.

Tiffanyโ€™s ethereal creations are brought to life on paper, canvas, walls and masonite.

Bio courtesy of Martha Belden, MD Gallery